Cleopatra Plus Slots – What are the new features?

Cleopatra Plus slots is an Egyptian themed slot, a sequel to the Cleopatra slot, developed by IGT. There are 5 reels and 40 fixed paylines, with bets starting from just £0.40. With some lucky spins, you can level up to unlock more features and free spins. The mascots in this game are the Egyptian gods and goddesses which you can select at the start of the game. This Cleopatra Plus online slot is packed with special features and bonus levels, with extra spins and wilds galore in this casino game.

Calling all Egyptian slots lovers – Cleopatra Plus is here. IGT has taken the original Cleopatra and turned up the features to create a much more advanced game. It feels like there are lots more ways to progress through the Egyptian ranks in this game, making it one where your prize potential can grow over time. Have a read through our Cleopatra Plus slots review to see how these new and improved features work.

The Egyptian themed classic maintains many features which have stayed in from the original. There are many other exciting additions which turn it into a whole different kind of game, with more than just the reels to focus on.

The reels are laid out in the same manner, with five on three rows, but Cleopatra Plus offers 40 paylines, which is twice as many as the original.

Adjustable Graphics

The game itself features a lot of gold, just as its original counterpart does. Gold is always great.

Depending on the speed and quality of the device you are using to play, the picture could be affected, or spins could be slowed down. To help combat this, the game offers you the choice to change the quality of the graphics. There’s a little spanner in the bottom left corner, and the options are best, high, medium and low quality. Try them out to see what works best on your screen.

Prepare to Play

The strip of buttons and boxes beneath the reels is where you’ll see everything you need to get set up to play.

All 40 paylines are in place during play, but you can adjust your line bet, which is the amount you wish to play on each payline. The paylines and line bet are then multiplied to create your total bet per spin. Once you’ve chosen your bet amount, you can hit the big red spin button.

Your balance is also displayed on the bottom banner in the far right, should you wish to keep an eye on it.

Winning by Spinning

There is a choice of which of the high-value symbols you see in standard gameplay.

All of the circular symbols in golden frames with different coloured backgrounds are the high-value icons. Each icon depicts a golden animal with a pharaoh-style headdress on. These represent different Egyptian gods and goddesses.

You can only play with one at a time, and the current symbol in play will be shown above reel one. You can change your deity symbol during gameplay if you’d prefer to try a different symbol.

Match at least three of your chosen circular symbol on a payline to win. A five-of-a-kind match will pay out 400 times your line bet.

The other high-value icons include the gold and green scarab beetle, the Eye of Horus, some lotus flowers from the Nile, and the Ankh, which looks like a cross with an oval on top. You will be awarded for matching three of one symbol, but the bigger payouts for full five matches range from 100 to 300 times your bet line.

The Cleopatra Plus icon is the game’s Wild and as well as substituting all of the above symbols to make winning lines, you could win up to 1500 times your bet line for matching five Cleopatra symbols on a payline.

Tell me about the bonus features!

There are three main bonus features which have been introduced to Cleopatra Plus slots to make it different from its original.

Level-Up Plus

Bear with us while we explain this one.

Similar to modern society, it appears that in this game you have to gain followers to level up. These followers present themselves in the bonus symbols as pharaohs. You need not match them on a payline. As and when they appear, they will be added to the count at the top of reel five.

The first level of the deity is ‘Chosen by’, and as you land more bonus symbols, you’ll see your number of followers increase.

As you level up, you can unlock more bonus maps and free spins features to help increase your prize potential. There are 8 levels to get through as you’re spinning, and while it’s not up to you how many you land, keep an eye on the prizes as you go, and you could be getting more back for your money.

If you’d like to see more about the individual deity levels, you can look at the paytable on the game.

Stacked Double Wilds

If you land 2 or more wilds on a reel which is used to substitute a line win, the wins are doubled. The stacks of wilds in standard gameplay can randomly vary in size from spin to spin, so you could get more than you bargained for!

Cleopatra Free Spins

The Pharoah’s free spins bonus is triggered by landing three or more of the pharaoh bonus symbols anywhere on the reels.

You will have the choice of some different maps, depending on your deity level, which you can play in the bonus game.

Whichever map you choose, you will begin with five free spins and a 1x multiplier. Any bonus symbols you land will award the number of followers displayed on the symbol.

On your bonus map, you must place your followers. You can either split them onto different landmarks or put them all in one place. Once you’ve placed them all, each location will reveal the worth of its award, which could be up to 50 free spins, a 5x multiplier, or extra credits, to name a few.

You can then play your prizes and see what comes from it.

The Judgement on the Egyptians

Cleopatra Plus slots is a fantastic advancement to its predecessor. The bonus features and the ability to climb the ranks gives the feeling that you’re working towards something while you play, not just another random spin.

The bonus round gives you a feeling of control of your bonus winnings, even though you don’t find out until you’ve placed your followers. It’s a fun extra game, for sure.

If you’ve played the original Cleopatra slot game, you’ll love this one. The exotic backing track is lively and inviting, bringing that additional buzz to your game.

Cleopatra Plus FAQ

Where can I play it?

You can take Cleopatra Plus for a spin at Kerching, Betfred Casino or Jackpot Jones. Check out their welcome offers to see which one suits you best!

What is the RTP?

The Return to Player (RTP) value in the Cleopatra Plus online slot is 96.5% which is considered high. It is a medium variance game which means that you are likely to win some decent prizes quite often.

What else might I enjoy?

If the Cleopatra Plus review has got you interested, if you’ve not tried the original, you could give Cleopatra slots a go. If you’d like to move out of Egypt, you could head to Italy to try Da Vinci Diamonds, also from IGT.

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