Where can I play Cats Online Slots?

Cats slots is a wild-themed release, developed by IGT. There are 5 reels and 30 paylines to play within this game, and betting starts from as little as £1. You can unlock bonus features and double wins if you land some lucky spins. There is no mascot in this game, but there are plenty of wild big cats to accompany your game. The Cats online slot is filled with free spins and wilds, and these are just a couple of features in this casino game.

If you’ve come here looking for something relating to the musical, you may be disappointed. If, however, you’re into the big wild cats of the Savanna grasslands, you’ve come to the right place with Cats slots.

With lots of types of big cats, and a special feature which means you could win more for your standard matches. There are 30 paylines to play on, so plenty of opportunities to win,


Set on a background of yellow and burnt orange hues across the grasslands, with the sun shining in from the corner, it feels like the wild. It looks a bit dated, but it works.

The animal symbols are great, and very detailed, which makes up for the dated background.

How to Play

Everything you need to get set up to play is in the silver banner beneath the reels.

The first box is to adjust the paylines. All 30 will automatically be in play, but should you wish to lower the number of paylines you play, you can click the minus button to do so, down to just 1.

The next box is the line bet, which is the value of the bet on each payline. The bet line and the payline are multiplied to define your Total bet. For example, if you choose to play all 30 paylines, at £0.10 per line, your total bet will be £3.00.

Once you’re happy with this, the yellow spin button will be waiting for you. Click it to let the reels do their thing. If you would like to set up an automatic number of spins, click the blue Autospin button beneath reel five and select how many automatic spins you would like.

You can keep an eye on your balance in the box beneath reel four.

How to Win

You need to match at least 3 of the same symbols to get a win. Winning paylines must run from left to right.

The lowest value icons are the standard card symbols, A, K, Q and J. Matching five-of-a-kind of either the King, Queen or Jack could pay out 100 times your line bet. A full five-match of Aces will pay out 200 times the line bet.

The higher value icons are the cats. The Panther is the most valuable, with the Lion, Tiger, Leopard and Lioness all paying out equal levels of wins for matches of three and above.

Double Symbols

The unusual twist in this game is that not all symbols are equal to what you might think.

You may see some symbols which feature two of the same animals. These aren’t the rest of the family. They’re a double! The pair of cats may come in one box on the reels, but they are each worth their own value. This applies to all breeds of cat.

For example, say on a payline you have two lion symbols. One is a single lion and the other is a double, that makes three lions, which makes for a prize.

If you are lucky enough to land five double panthers on a payline, making a whopping ten panther match, you could win 2500 times your bet line.


Aside from the exciting prospect of a ten-cat-match, there are a few other features within Cats online slots which may interest you.

The Wild

The Cats logo is the Wild and can substitute for all of the cat symbols to create winning paylines. When it is part of a winning payline, it counts as a double symbol, so you can add one extra match onto that winner!

If you make a winning payline out of three or more wilds, you could win up to 10,000 times your line bet!

Free Spins

If you land five or six paw print symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3, and 4, you will trigger the free spins bonus.

Five paw prints will get you five free spins, and six paw prints will get you ten.

Four paw prints won’t give you free spins but will pay out two times your total bet.

The double rule applies here too – a double paw symbol counts as two paw prints!

Cool for Cats?

This game is unique in the special features that it has. The double symbol function is great, a fantastic and simple-to-grasp feature to play with.

Cats slots is full of colour, from the backdrop to the symbols, and with a nice soundtrack to top it off, all is appealing from the outset.

Cats Online Slot FAQ

Where can I play it?

You can spin with the big Cats at Betfred Casino or Kerching.

What is the RTP?

The Return to Player (RTP) value of the game is 93.04% which is acceptable but not the highest. The game is of low to medium variance which means that you are likely to win some small-to-average sized prizes quite often.

What else might I like?

If you like the sound of the wild animal themed games, then you could have a look at Siberian Storm or Wolf run.

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