Comparing the Best New Online Casinos

With new casinos come welcome offers aplenty. Whether you stay loyal or seek out the latest offers with a selection of new online casinos, there are different things to look out for while you make your decision.

What Games are Available?

Whichever type of game you are looking to play, there is bound to be a new casino to suit your preferences.

While some new online casinos might specialise in a certain type of game, it’s most likely that they will have a bit of everything to try.

Online Slots

Having developed from the classic one-armed bandits, some online slots these days are almost movie-like in appearance and graphics. We imagine that the new online casinos will host some of the top games in order to stay competitive.

From the fruit-machine inspired slots to the multiple-feature video slots, you are sure to find a slot you love.

Table Games

The likes of Roulette, Blackjack and Poker are bound to exist across all new casinos in some shape or form.

Some game providers have made realistic versions of these classic games, even with a live dealer. Others have added extra features to these games which couldn’t be done in real life to bring some added excitement to your gameplay.

Choosing a New Casino

To attract more players, new online casinos can have welcome offers and bonuses which are bigger and better than some of the more established casinos out there.

With Bonus Round, you can be confident that all of the new casino offers we have on our website are trusted and genuine.


In this advancing digital age, there are more ways in which people can access and play casino games.

From desktop to mobile access and even some with their own apps, there is a format to suit all players. You could use these formats to help you decide on which new casino to go with, if you like.

Game Selections

A sucker for slots or got a taste for the table games?

Explore the offerings and varieties of games across a few of the new casino sites before you make your decision. There could be similar levels of offers between a few providers, but the games on offer could be quite different.

No harm in having a browse, is there?

Welcome Offers & Bonuses

Take a close look at the welcome bonuses that the new casinos are offering.

Would you prefer a deposit bonus, free spins, or both? It depends on what you are wanting to play.

Some of the free spins offers and deposit bonuses may only be able to be redeemed on certain games. If this is the case, have a look at the games they apply to and decide if you would enjoy playing them.

If there is a deposit match offer, check out what value it will match up to. Think about how much you would be likely to deposit and then choose an offer which best suits your plans.

Wagering Requirements

As attractive as some welcome offers may seem, in most cases, there will be a wagering requirement attached to them.

A wagering requirement indicates how much you have to spend in order to release funds won from the bonus.

For example, say a new casino has a welcome offer of £30 with a wagering requirement of 10x.

This would mean you would have to spend £30 ten times over before you could withdraw any winnings.

In some instances, you may come across a no wager casino. These casinos have no wagering requirements but may have smaller welcome offers.

It is up to you whether you go for a wager or no wager offer when choosing your new online casino. Just be sure to check out and compare wagering requirements before you sign up so that you know what the terms are.

Any Further Promotions?

Put it this way; if a casino wants you to stay loyal to them, they will have to continue to offer you some kind of bonus to keep you enticed.

Whether these are weekly, monthly or just as and when, it will differ between providers. Regular offers may be visible on their websites or social media, but this is completely dependent on each brand.

Whichever new casino you sign up to, just keep an eye on your emails and notifications to see what the latest news and offers are when they come through.

New Casino Reviews

Depending on how new a casino actually is, it may be difficult to judge based on reviews.

There may not be any reviews on a new casino if it has only just launched. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything towards the brand, it could simply be that nobody has had a chance to review it yet.

When you sign up to new casinos, you might like to consider reviewing them to help others in their decision making with the growing number of new online casinos.

If you are unsure if something looks legit, try a quick search to see if they have a valid license. If you are still unsure, look closely at the terms and conditions of the offers. If they look ridiculous, such as an exceedingly high wagering requirement, stop and think for a moment. Compare the other offers and make a decision based on your comparison.

Luckily for you, though, as we said earlier, the new online casino offers you see here at Bonus Round can be trusted.

If you have any further questions, get in touch with casino providers directly to get to the bottom of any queries.

Time for a New Casino!

With all of this information in mind, if you feel it’s time for you to try out a new online casino, check out our list of the top new casinos at the moment and explore the offers for yourself.

We have reviewed a selection of casino sites to further help your decision on where to play: